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Flying Club also held the “Geraldy Transporters” race from Vire, when the winning pigeon covered the three hundred and twenty nine miles to the loft of Simon Parkinson of Crowle, in six hours and fifteen minutes against 3582 pigeons entered by 362 other members.
Being second MNFC on no fewer than five previous occasions in the last seven seasons, Simon had begun to wonder if he would ever win the top position, but this time he found those couple of extra yards needed, but ironically, he gained them over Mal Robinson in Hatfield, a fancier he has a huge respect for, who is in his 80’s and was having his last race before retiring from the sport. “Pigeon for pigeon, Mally is the best fancier in this area by far” Simon said, “and a really nice man too”
Simon had timed a yearling hen from his Jochem van Hasselt bloodlines with her dam being direct from the father and son partnership who are based Rijkevorsel. Her sire is “Schone Vaile” a top breeder for them and has already bred many top national birds in Belgium, when paired to a daughter of “Donkere Witpen Willy” and “Rapid Girl” which are both direct Geerinckx birds. Her father was bred for stock, as he is a full brother to “The Special One”, “Special 952” and “Miss Reliable” all of which have bred many multiple performance pigeons including section winners and ace pigeons. They are the main bloodlines in his family of pigeons, although he does introduce other top middle distance performance birds, once they have been proven at his loft. These include birds from Luc Van Mechelen, Gaby Vandenabeeles through Luc Van Mechelen and Luc Christieans, which Simon feels have helped to improve his MNFC results even more. Now named “Sunday Girl” the MNFC winner from Vire, has always been a very consistent pigeon, in fact she was 4th Ace Pigeon in the North Section young bird category last year, beaten by three of her own loftmates and achieved 8th Open Ace Pigeon.
She was raced on the widowhood system before being allowed to go to nest for the final race of the season, was sent sitting four day old eggs and fed using the Vanrobaeys feed mixtures with extra fats being introduced closer to basketing day. Simon races a team of cocks and hens on total widowhood, with all partners being at home when they arrive. “I’ve tried roundabout” he said, “but I think the birds come better when their partner is always at home, especially the cocks and the only problem is I have to keep twice as many pigeons”. The lofts are still situated at his parents’ home, which is about two miles away from where he lives, so Simon relies heavily on his father’s help with the birds. He gets to the lofts around five in the morning to exercise the hens for an hour, then the cocks go out with Simon leaving them for his Dad to call in around eight, so he can go to work at his Glazing Business until five thirty in the evening, when the exercise process is repeated again.
His interest in pigeons began he was was a nine year old boy. He would go to his best friend’s house after school where he became fascinated with his father’s pigeons and he took every opportunity to see his friend but in reality, it was the pigeons he wanted to be with, and every Saturday morning he would be there to watch them come home from the races. His own parents were completely oblivious to his budding interest until one Christmas, when they asked him what he wanted, he told them he wanted a pigeon loft and that Dave Smitt, commonly known as “Smitty” the local Bricklayer, had offered to build him one, they agreed and in 1993 he began with nine young birds of his own to race. He joined the Crowle pigeon club which raced the north road with the Goole Federation and his racing career began. He was so keen he would do his homework sitting in the loft after school “we would always know where he was” said his Dad, and he was taken under the wing of local fancier Norman Smith, who mentored him in the art of racing pigeons. Norman had a friend who worked in Belgium, who in turn knew Romain Legeist and all the tips on the widowhood system would come to Simon through them, and he soon began to take top prizes.
His father recounted one basketing night, when he was at the club headquarters based in the pub at Eastoft, when the local farmer said he had two stray racing pigeons nesting in his barn, with just one egg hatching in the nest and if Simon gave him a ring, he offered to put it on the baby for him to have in his loft. No one knew their breeding, they were stray racers that had decided to live in the farmers barn, but the young bird went on to be one of the best long distance birds Simon ever owned and it won Lerwick in the club three times on the trot!
Simon has been steadily making a name for himself in the Midlands National over recent years and regularly puts in a great team performance emulating those he has in the federations and it was only a matter of time before he gained top spot. This season has been one of his best so far flying with the MNFC, after four races he has won the North section from Carentan, Fougeres and Vire, being third section from Nort Sur Erdre. In the Open results he has won first open Vire, forth Open Fougeres and tenth Open from Carentan. He acknowledges the support his father has given him, who got involved in the pigeon sport from day one to help Simon, “none of these results would be possible without the massive help he gives me” he said, “I hope he is equally as proud as I am with this National win, he certainly should be”
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